Friday, June 17, 2011

Rat Race

Finally, I updated! I means my post.
I would like say about ''Rat race''
the word that I get it from one of my favorite book,
'Rich Dad,Poor Dad'

Lot of children would told their parents,'i want to be rich,don't want go to school''.
And for sure most of parents replied,'kid,you wouldn't be rich,if you are ever go to school,ever graduate with high education,ever get a good job.''
Since you're kid,you will listen what your parents said,they're right!
you start trying hard on your education,getting a excellent result,enter a great university,graduated and get a safe job,getting a steady salary.

After you're married,you and your partner having a steady and safe job,getting sufficient salary monthly,and you feel that that was great.Hence,you buy houses and car with payment by installment,you want to have a baby too.
You are only think it,where were my money gone? although you have been a large amount of payroll monthly.

The outcome is you will work for your boss continually,work for government through paying taxes,work for bank through paying housing loans and credit card loans,but what to be? there are more and more debts that you have to solve it.So that,you trying to work hard to get more and more debts,trapped and can't quit it. Furthermore, you suggest to your kids that to study harder,get good result and search a good job.And then again in the process are repeated to your kids.

This is what I called, ''RAT RACE''!

Most of people wish to have a wage income,because they have fear and greed.
Fear of no money will stimulate them to work harder.
When they get paid,the greed and desire began to let them to think to buy all the things that money can buy.
Pay more,spend more and more.
Thus,the pattern was formed and unstoppable.

In real life,I saw that.
Most of people are trapped in ''Rat Race''

We have to control money,but not become a slave of money.

Get time for a book, 'RICH DAD,POOR DAD'

Appreciated it.

Monday, December 20, 2010

The only you(6)


Before the day night, we went the playground again...
we r sitting on the slide
but i sit behind you and appreciate your back enough =P
i trying to hug and hold your hand
but you dodge my hand
when i holding your shoulder slowly,you r sit stabil and no move anymore
what the means? you accept it? or?

after that,i feel that this is the time i should ask again
''Can we together?''
you silently
i trying to hold your hand slowly
the answer is ''i do''
your action is mention anything
you didnt dodge my hand anything...
I could called you ''dear'' since from that time!

Our ''first day'' made something sadness coz i have go to genting for part time
we cant meet in few days...
but it's sweets...
i love the feeling that someone expected to waiting for me back...
but i dont do so if not necessary.

A memorial date and special for you and me~

The only you(5)


A bigger risk i facing
your form6 monthly exam started
this is your first exam in your skol
and we have some matter to made me taking the risk
i didnt sms you in 1 week unexpectedly!
my stupid reason is i want you concentrate in your exam when your fren asking me

Wednesday night,going to pasar malam
i saw a boy pick you by motor in sudden...
From a distance,I saw you with alot of friend r walking thr
i saw you and you too...
but we just like a stranger passing by
What the painful feeling! I feel regret why i take the risk!
Just let it go~ Ever though her friend had advised me

finally i cant act as nothing happened
I know what r you think and feel from her friend
i am always cant read what you really want and feel
I text you immediately to date you go out
you answer'' yes!''
surprise coz i tot you r angrying me...but not

we went go the other playground at the taman that you live...
we sitting on the swing and talk alot...
finally you face me and smile alot too...
But i ask the stupid question once again
then, the answer is ''no'' again
maybe you dont want accept it so easily

but once again,i think i can
the time will coming soon!

The only you (4)


The day i most wanted was come...
you decided that we have a meet
in a playground
you waiting me with ur friend
but i just want you come out alone without anybody
dont care so much...
and sorry made a long-waited... hehe =)

I saw a darkness situation
but you didnt talk so much to me like in the phone...
showing a shy shy face to me~ =)
i just sitting a side quietly and listening what you both chatting about
You going to Ipoh International run tomorrow?
How come i dont know about it?
feel disappointed coz you didnt tel me abt that...
so we just back separately and sms to ask you afterward...

The night,i awake in whole night till 5am...
received your message say that you r wake up and get ready to Ipoh...
i go to bed willingly around 7am...

1 week later,
we went out again at night...venue is last time that playground...
just both of us! happiee~ =)
the night,you still keep on let you see your hair more than your face...
i talk quite much but you just smile few... hmm~
i prepared something for you...
you look shock and weird when i gave you
Afterwards i follow you go to your house...
and finally i knew your new house...haha!

What i gift? Only you know that!
A great night but you still ignore my question...

The only you (3)


You know that I will study at TARC...
you told me something that such as:
''actually you no need call me everydays''
''dont waste your time on me''
''try to less sms me and cal me''
something like that word made me unhappy and unlike...
So,i make the first and bigger surprise to you...
''actually i am at Kampar now,i study TARC here''
surprise izit? haha!
but i had gave you tips lo~
I keep on asking all about Kampar...just you didnt realize it~
but this is not a lie...dont misunderstanding ya~ =)
Want tel to you...
just a coincidence make me study here...not because of you at all...
please dont blame urself

I trying to force myself,''dont sms you more''
I trying to close my friend more and forgot abt you
but failture

Although i stay at Kampar was a time
we still havent a meet
you still haven yet to get ready to me....
but i just waiting...
and i know it will the beginning to change my new life...

The only you (2)


I willing to be a listener that only belongs to you...
any matters happened between you and your bf...
I listen anything den you told me...I trying to consulate,to understand...
He was made you so disappointed and lost confidence
i felt that you love him tight
and i know maybe I am just a passenger...
But i just never give up to comfort you in the sadness...
I am weak maybe cant help you much...feel sorry on it sometimes

you date him and go to Genting, may give him a chance
but i aim to meet you there... quite stupid~ >.<
you stay in your ex-roommates' room and me too...
but there r a bad day for us
coz our hopes broken
finally he didnt go and grasp the chance...
it was made you so disappointed as well
and i got 2 hopes this time,but broken also...
1st,it is not so seriously...finally we just pass the chance of meeting between...
When you need the ID card to entry,i cant give you by personally and just pass it to your roommate to you
but we tried the most short distance of phone calling.
2nd,same as you...hope he will go and both of you keep your relationship longer and sweet
feeling complicated between either i have to feel happy or sad~ you know what i said...

I am feel proud and happy coz you listed me as one of the 3 person that you most willing to receive phone calling or message...Although maybe i am third in ranking ... >.<

The only you(1)


Friendster,as usually i will ask for people the same thing,especially girl... =p
''nice to meet you...mind intro? and can give me your msn address? thx thx^^''

The day,we start our first communication through msn:
We chat all about work at Genting... but not so much we talk...
and then,I want to get your hp number,u ask''why want my number?''
''coz i want kao you lo''. For sure you think i am kidding...
''you got bf?''
you dont to tell me...
I not sure you got bf or not but i just feel want to get an opportunity to contract with you more,
so I make sure I must get your bf...I never give up in this ...
finally,you gv me! haha! but fail to ask about your bf ... sigh~~ >.<

End of chatting,I save ur number and put my phone away and go for my dinner.
In the evening,I got a message,''I love you''
Just reply it,''I love you too''
Special first message in my life...never and ever in future!i sure it!
the feeling is stronger!

I called you in the midnight.
Quite surprise when you speak Cantonese to me.
Coz when you received my call,we keep silence thr for few seconds.
I dont know speak out what language to you... haha!
chatting somewhere then i said it again,
''I want kao you'' ,''you got bf?''
April fool in the day,u just: ''dont kidding la''
''Ok!you dont believe then i say again after 12am''
ever though,but u still dont believe...and at last you got bf,
dont ask so much abt the detail abt your bf...
just alot abt Genting work...
I remember that you ask alot,i answer alot~ cutee~ =P

Since on the day,we contract and sms in every days...
call u every nights although you feel dont want waste all on you...
but i just do it~